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Farallon in the news: High praise for Holy Wood

Gin Farallon Holy Wood & Cask enjoyed some high praise recently from noted drinks and travel writer Virginia Miller. Published January 18, 2021, in Distiller Magazine, her monthly new release column features a handful of noteworthy spirits with taste ratings. Most importantly, the column is less about tasting notes, focusing more on uniqueness and trends. Mentioned are the distinctive qualities of each spirit and what makes them a must-have.   Barrel-aged gins, Miller says, are ideal for winter given their warm and woody […]

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Holy Wood, Misunderstood: The Real Story of Palo Santo and Holy Wood & Cask

Palo Santo — which means “holy stick,” or, perhaps more elegantly, “holy wood” — is becoming a thing these days. You’ll find it in soaps, candles, incense, personal care products and yoga studios. And Etsy. And there’s a reason: its aroma is huge, distinctive, and indescribably divine. Palo Santo is a uniquely aromatic wood that comes from a tree that grows in Central and South America. It’s related to the trees that produce the fragrant resins frankincense and myrrh. In […]

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