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Gin and Tonic: A Short History

One of the simplest and most satisfying beverages known around the world is the drink we call The Gin and Tonic. Gin Farallon, tonic water, ice and garnish are the only four ingredients needed, but origins of the Gin and Tonic are not nearly as simplistic. Gin, originally known as Genever (dutch for juniper) dates back to mid 16th century Holland, where it was prescribed as a medicine and was thought to aid with circulation. Genever was quite different from […]

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Los Farallones: Brand Name Origins

Why Farallon? The San Francisco Coast is renowned for its wild, murky waters, with strong tidal currents and enormous waves pounding the shoreline. In the distance, when the infamous coastal fog clears, the jagged silhouette of the South Farallon Islands sits on the horizon. It is this rugged and remote island chain within the Gulf of the Farallones that inspired the name Gin Farallon.  The weathered cliffs of these islands lie almost 30 miles out into the Pacific. Currently a […]

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