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The Botanical Magic of Gin

Craft distilling has seen a surge of creative growth in the last decade, and gin is among the main spirit categories experiencing this boom. Gin production relies heavily on juniper and other botanicals to create the category’s signature flavors. There are two basic methods used to make gin: There’s compounded gin, which is made by soaking raw botanicals in a high-proof base spirit. And then there is distilled gin, which is far costlier and labor intensive to produce, but is […]

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Uncorked Corner: Balancing Botanicals and Drinking Gin

We had the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Uncorked Corner on their unique podcast this month on the episode “Balancing Botanicals and Drinking Gin.” Uncorked Corner is a community for people to come together over good food and fine wine — cherishing the idea of enjoying a great meal and recognizing makers and tastes from all around the globe. They have a passion for giving craft and local food and beverage artisans a platform to share their products, […]

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Gin Farallon Exclusive: Interview with Award-Winning Distiller Brad Plummer

An exclusive insight into the mind of Gin Farallon’s founder and Master Distiller Brad Plummer. As a distillation and production expert, Brad Plummer is a total gin wizard with something of a love affair with botanicals. From exploring different gin expressions to experimenting with new techniques and formulas, he tells us why gin production is both difficult and rewarding. Hi Brad, can you tell me a little about yourself? I grew up in the 70s and 80s in Arkansas, where […]

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