The Wait is Over: Coastal Spirits Distilling’s Gin Farallon Blackfruit and Holy Wood & Cask Have Officially Landed

2020 has been such an unfortunate year of hard work and dashed expectations for so many families and businesses, including for us at Coastal Spirits Distilling. We started the year with high hopes, officially launching our two newest gin expressions, both of which were years in the making: Gin Farallon Blackfruit, and Holy Wood & Cask. And then almost immediately after releasing the first bottles, Holy Wood took home a coveted Gold medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Two days later, the COVID-19 shutdowns and stay-at-home orders ground everything to a halt. 

We are proud to say that, in response, Coastal Spirits Distilling was fortunate to be in a position to pivot our efforts to support the community through the production of hand sanitizer. Which continues to this day.

It’s been a long journey, and much work remains. But better days lie ahead. 

And to that end, after such a rough year, and after so many extra months of waiting, we are thrilled to finally, formally introduce our newest gin expressions, unique to the world: Gin Farallon “Blackfruit,” and “Holy Wood & Cask.”  

Gin Farallon Blackfruit

Inspired by centuries-old, traditional Eastern European-style plum brandy, Blackfruit is a truly unique gin expression. Aromatic gin botanicals mingle within a rising chorus of bright fruit notes, closing with an unforgettable, lingering finish. This gin stands out in fruit- or citrus-forward cocktails, with sweet plum notes holding strong alongside even the most assertive ingredients. Makes a remarkable Martini or G&T.

Gin Farallon Holy Wood & Cask

Gin Farallon Holy Wood & Cask is a singularly unique gin — the world’s first gin made with aromatic Peruvian Palo Santo, or “Holy Wood.” Conditioned for two months in new American oak barrels, then infused with Palo Santo, this is a cask gin unlike any other. Balanced and intruguing, it excels in bold cocktails such as a negroni or even traditionally whiskey-based cocktails like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Gin Farallon’s new line up covers a botanical flavor spectrum that allows for endless cocktail options. 

We are excited to finally share these incredible new gins with the world. We hope it was worth the wait. 

Our gins are now available for preorder. Click below to purchase.

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