Ebra Gin: Distilled at Coastal Spirits

At Coastal Spirits we help brand owners craft their product through our contract distilling option. One of our hottest products produced currently is Ebra Gin. Over the past few years, we have been working closely with brand owner Caitlyn Krug to bring her idea of a Spanish-inspired gin to life. Ebra was an opportunity to create a grape-based gin that focuses on floral and citrus notes using varieties of botanical ingredients, two of the most important being violet and orris root. The Spanish-style botanicals used in Ebra give the spirit its distinctive earthy sweetness and floral components.

 Before Krug proposed her idea to us, a floral-based and citrus-forward Gin hadn’t been on our to-do list at Coastal Spirits. Her vision was something we wanted to get behind, so our goal was to create a flavor profile that was unique to our client and would meet and exceed the expectations of gin-drinkers. The same equipment and expertise that helped craft Gin Farallon’s unique expressions also helped produce Ebra, but with a different style and take on a contemporary gin.

Ebra started as an idea that Krug came up with after living in Spain to educate consumers about Spanish drinking culture and crafting a quality Spanish-style gin and tonic. Our partnership intended for Krug to have hands-on involvement throughout every step of the process, from nailing down the recipe to post-production bottling. While she focused her energy on working with bars, restaurants, and consumers, we laser-focused on distilling her gin and assisting with brand development from start to finish. 

Ebra Gin planned to launch in May of 2020, but due to COVID-19’s impact on the hospitality industry, there was a delay. In December 2020, 300 limited edition bottles of Ebra were available online and at a select number of retailers in San Francisco for purchase. Since then, Ebra has continued to prosper. We are happy to say that we have aided in the birth of this unique, high-quality gin. 

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