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Crafting Quality: Orris Root in Gin Production

Producing a quality, balanced gin requires a variety of botanical ingredients, and orris root is one of the more important ones. The taste of orris root is often not mentioned by even the most dedicated of gin drinkers. Why? Because of its specialized role in gin production as not only an aromatic but also a fixative.  The cultivation of orris root is a lengthy process refined over hundreds of years. Orris root derives from the bulb of iris plants native […]

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Holy Wood, Misunderstood: The Real Story of Palo Santo and Holy Wood & Cask

Palo Santo — which means “holy stick,” or, perhaps more elegantly, “holy wood” — is becoming a thing these days. You’ll find it in soaps, candles, incense, personal care products and yoga studios. And Etsy. And there’s a reason: its aroma is huge, distinctive, and indescribably divine. Palo Santo is a uniquely aromatic wood that comes from a tree that grows in Central and South America. It’s related to the trees that produce the fragrant resins frankincense and myrrh. In […]

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Gin Farallon Holy Wood & Cask Wins Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Media contact: Brad Plummer, Founder & Distiller, Coastal Spirits Distilling• p (415) 508-8631 • brad@ginfarallon.com SAN CARLOS, CA — Coastal Spirits Distilling is proud to announce that one of their newest gin expressions, Gin Farallon Holy Wood & Cask, has been awarded a 2020 Gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. “This is an incredible honor for us,” says founder and distiller Brad Plummer. “We’ve won many awards over the years, including from SF World, but this […]

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New Gin Farallon Website by High-Proof Creative

We’re excited to debut the launch of our new website at GinFarallon.com. Previously, we had a website at coastalspirits.co, which is now a page on this website. We’ve streamlined our content and our digital presence for a better understanding of what we’re all about: creating approachable, nuanced gin that continues to win awards. Gin Farallon, and Vodka Farallon are two products we produce here at Coastal Spirits. The contract distilling side of our business is Coastal Spirits, so when we’re […]

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